Fifth Wheeler Transportation


Clover Transports offers a wide variety of options when it comes to fifth-wheeler transportation services. We can handle all your RV transport needs, whether fifth wheel, motor home, travel trailer, and toy haulers. You can count on our expert drivers to deliver your recreation vehicle safely and on time. We have professional drivers ready to deliver your RV, whether it’s across the state or across the country. We are here for all your fifth-wheeler transportation shipping, hauling, and transporting needs. For a FAST, FREE quote please complete and submit the form on the page. 

  • If you’re delivering the RV overseas, contact the embassy of the nation that you’re delivering to. They’ll give you the latest import regulations and tax rates. You must fulfill any requirements in order to obtain the certificate of import approval from customs. 

  • Close and latch all doors, windows, cupboards, and drawers. Make sure all wall hangings, artwork, and home décor is also secured or put away for the transport. 

  • Disconnect all power or gas-activated appliances and electronics. 

  • Fill the tires with air and make sure they’re in good condition. 

  • Check all fluid levels and make sure there aren’t any leaks. If you spot any, have them repaired before the shipping date. It’s always wise to conduct routine maintenance before you have the RV delivered overseas. 

  • Remove all valuable items from the RV as well as personal items. The transport company will not be held responsible for such items if they were to end up lost or stolen. 

  • All lights must function properly. Check the hitch and tow bar as well to ensure they are properly secured and hooked up. 

  • Take pictures of the inside and outside of the RV. Document any damages that you are aware of before the vehicle takes off with the transporter. 

  • Have any instructions written up and prepared as well as the keys to the RV by the time the transport professionals arrive for its pickup.