Luxury Car Transport

Car shipping in USA – On-time service – Clovers Transports 

Buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases a person will make. So, at the time they need to ship it somewhere, they don't want to take any risk. Use our reliable luxury car transport to ship your car wherever you need it to go. If you are in the USA and looking for this helpful service, then Clover Transports is the right company for you. We have done multiple shipping's in the past and never face any issue, nor our client gets upset. We have trailers of our own. If you want to ship your car all alone, tell us we will manage everything accordingly. But if your budget is limited, you can ship your car with other vehicles. In both cases, we make sure cars didn't receive any damage at all. Also, we offer the service at the best rates in the industry. 

Those who don't know there are various things that impact the car shipping price such as, the distance between point A to B, size of the car, and similar factors. But we assure you one thing that you don't have to pay extra. Also, our service charges are fixed.

Why we for car shipping service?

  • We provide full before and after the inspection report to the customer.

  • We also help the customer with paperwork if needed.

  • During the service, we offer an online tracking service.

  • Our drivers are skilled and know the routes well.

  • We provide 100% security to the vehicle.

  • Our service is fully insured. We provide better than insurance coverage than any other company.

  • As promised, we deliver the car on time.

Door to door shipping service

Yes, we offer door to door shipping service. There are times when the roads are narrow, and it is not possible for the driver to take the truck to the exact location. At that time, we decide on a nearby location to drop off a car after discussing it with the customer. If you are busy or it is not possible for you to come, tell us. Our driver will drive the car to your door.

Here are the luxury car transport services we provide!

We provide two option to our customer:

  • Open auto transport service

  • Enclosed auto transport service

  • You can select any of the options according to your need and requirement. In an open auto transport service, the car is transported with multiple vehicles, as discussed above. It is an option best for those who don't have enough budget. Here many think that the chance vehicle gets damage is high. But we assure you it is not going to happen, as our driver keeps an eye on everything.


Enclosed luxury car transport are a bit expensive, as the containers used to transport these cars are completely closed. Here we have trucks that can transport multiple cars at a time but if you want to ship the car all alone, tell us. It is the service mainly taken by us from the dealers, when they need to ship super or luxury cars. To book our service, visit our website or call us.