Boat Transportation Services

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Handover your boat to someone for transportation is not easy. Boats are quite expensive, and you don't know whether the company will handle everything properly or not. Still, there are many companies that offer reliable service, and clients trust them a lot. one of them, among many, is Clover Transports. You can hire us if you are in search of boat transportation services. We can transport any size of boat from one place to another. We manage everything for the customer, from picking up the ship and dropping it off to the final destination. Also, we offer services at the best rate. You can even compare our service charges to other boat shipping companies. We are sure you will find our charges reasonable.

To us, it doesn't matter whether you own a boat or a dealer or manufacture boats. Our job is to transport it to the right place, at the right time by taking care of everything. At time customer hire us for the service; they trust us 100% that we will take good care of the boat. We don't want to break that trust. We try our best to do better than the client expected from us.


How we manage everything for you?


At times, customers contact us for boat transportation services, they are curious to know how we manage everything. Before transporting a boat, we made a strategy. The strategy we made is personalized, as not every boat is the same. Before loading the boat, we do the inspection and document everything for proof that everything is fine and later stay the same too. After that, we load the boat using the latest equipment that we have.

The drivers we appoint to take the boast from one place to another are skilled and have a license. They have taken many successful trips in the past from point A to B, so you can trust them 100%. Also, we keep track of everything during the journey. So, you don't have to worry about anything, as you will get time to time information. During the journey, our drivers didn't make unnecessary stops, as we believe it can cause delay only.

As soon the boat reaches the final location, you get the update ASAP. We ask the client at the beginning, who is going to receive a boat. Our driver makes sure to hand over a boat to the exact person. Once the boat is unloaded, you can do the inspection for as long as you want. Once you get sure that nothing is damaged, only then handover the payment.


Cost for boat transportation


It is a question that many has in mind how much a person needs to spend to transport a boat? It is hard to get an exact answer, but there are various factors that affect the shipping cost. We like to share them with the customers.

  • Size of the vessel: One of the main factors that affects the price of transport is your boat’s size. The number of boats you need to move is also a significant factor. If you want us to ship one small boat, you will pay less, but if you want us to send multiple or big boats, you will pay accordingly.

  • Boat weight: This consideration is also related to size. It is obvious that small boats weigh less and large boats weigh more, but other factors come into play when measuring weight. When it comes to the transport truck, you have to consider how much this vehicle can haul.

  • Location: Location plays a substantial role in determining the price. If the location is within a set distance from the boat’s location, you will pay accordingly. But if the location is far away, then the price increases, and you’ll need to budget accordingly.

One thing we like to tell our customers is that we never charge extra. You pay only for the boat transportation services you take from us. If you are confused about the price, do tell us. We will explain everything to you.